After the ‘YES’!

So, it’s happened, you have said ‘YES’!  Or, maybe you were the one who asked the question and heard the magic reply of ‘YES’!  Thank goodness, hey…  you are on cloud 9, the smile across your face isn’t moving anywhere and all you want to do is sip champagne and live in the little bubble of newly engaged happiness!  But, every time you tell someone the exciting news, after the initial excitement, you get the same question… ‘So, when is the big day?’.  Ugh, the reality of now having to organise the ‘best of day of your life’ looms over you.  But, it should not be hard work or daunting, it should be fun and exciting and a journey that you and your fiancé make together and we are here to help!  We are going to put together a few tips of where to start and how to make it fun and as stress free as possible.

Where to start!  Discuss a vision with your other half, make sure you both agree on how you want your big day to be; big or small, summer or winter, casual or formal….  And then work out a budget that isn’t meaning you will still be paying the day off for many years to come!  And then start to think about how many people you would like to be at your wedding.  It may seem a weird place to start but most of your planning will be dependent on how many people are attending… your wedding and reception venue, your food choices, your drink choices, your furniture requirements, I mean the list goes on but these can all be decided when you have an idea of numbers.  

Once you have an estimated number of guests, your budget and your vision you are ready to start looking for venues or Tipi companies 😉 and the fun really starts!